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Generate Dynamic Charts in Real-Time 

Utilize our latest program dashboard reporting tool to easily choose questions from your form that have predetermined data points and transform them into visually appealing and informative Bar, Pie, or Line charts.

  1. Choose the program you wish to generate dashboard charts for from your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Under the section My Dashboard on the Program Dashboard, you will find four (4) sections where you can generate charts.
  3. From the dropdown Choose Your Data Source, select the question you would like to create a chart for. 
  4. Choose the type of chart you want to generate (Bar, Pie, or Line) under the Chart Type dropdown.
  5. Select which type of submissions you want to view (All, Draft, Final or Withdrawn).
  6. When you are ready to generate the chart click the Update button.

Only pre-defined data points are available to chart on (Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox). If more than 10 answers are returned, it will filter your dataset down to the 10 values with the highest counts.


View this instructional video for a step-by-step guide: